fishingScottish salmon rivers are well known wherever salmon anglers meet. Tay, Dee, Ness, Spey, Tweed, Helmsdale to name but a few are part of an international fishing language, associated with prolific salmon runs, classic salmon flies and a number of fishing techniques that have stood the test of time such as Greased Line, Spey casting and backing up.
Couple Scotland's fishing opportunities with this fantastic heritage, add whisky and fine people and you have the recipe for enjoyment, challenge and with a bit of luck, success.
As if that were not enough, salmon fishing is only a fraction of what Scotland can offer the fly fisherman, for the water also teems with brown trout. Wild, feisty brown trout, large and small, bright and dark, a plenitude of spotty piscatorial beauties in multitudes of rivers and lochs. Deep in the large lochs lie double figure trout, in the rivers good quality wild trout between 10 and 18 inches are plentiful and in the mountain lochs seldom fished who knows what lurks beneath the dancing waves?
Trout fishing on many of the Scottish rivers is excellent value and challenging. The average price of a day's fishing is around £5, about the same as a dram of good malt whisky, but of course the fishing lasts 24 hours and you can use as much water as you like without spoiling it! Loch fishing from boats is slightly more expensive because the boat has to be hired. Costs vary between £15 and £40 for two or three anglers, which still represents excellent value.