Glamis Castle

glamiscastleGlamis Castle - childhood home of the late Queen Mother, birthplace of Princess Margaret, and favourite holiday home of Princess Elizabeth before she took the Throne.
As you approach from the tree-lined avenue of a drive, you will first catch a glimpse of a turret here, a spire there, and then - as if a curtain had been drawn - the castle is revealed. It was built between 1675 and 1687, but parts of the building are much older than that - 11th century, it is said! Extensive works were also done in 1774.
Among the many fine points to see are the medieval hall, and the 17th century chapel. King Malcolm II is said to have been murdered here in the 11th century - and murderous plotting continued as the castle used by Shakespeare as the setting in his play "Macbeth". Look out for Duncan's Hall - traditionally the setting for the murder of King Duncan in Macbeth.